About Trigon

Trigon is an entrepreneurial service partner with close to 15 years’ experience, traditionally in specific industry niches characterized by innovation through engineering and use of information technology. These years of industry practice allow us to understand the dynamics and trends of the industry.

Our Trigon professionals are involved in multi-disciplinary core development of top innovative companies and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups with a drive for large and smaller break-troughs.

We have active presence with our clients in Machinery & Manufacturing, Automotive & Smart Mobility, Information & Telecommunications, Energy industry and Healthcare & Medical Devices domain.

Trigon actually communicates our values for being a reliable and solid partner finding the right balance between the connected interests as a company, of the Trigon professionals and our client’s.

Presently Trigon operates from the Netherlands and Belgium, centered in Brainport “one of the world smartest region”.